A Guest Blogger from Dublin Reflects: Coffee or Guinness?

Posted: Apr 3, 2013 11:35:27 AM

Dublin city on a typical Irish summer day and I decide to get out of the rain for a while. I bolt into my favourite place and plonk myself onto a high stool. “Your usual?” I am greeted by a friendly face.
And so begins my time of waiting for this most precious of liquids. In contemplation, I can never understand what made me convert to this liquid nectar. Prior to this I found the taste offensive and probably disgusting. But now without it coating my mouth on a daily basis I feel like something is missing.

‘So what is it then?’ I ask myself. Is it the care and skill required in the amalgamated processes that produces the finest qualities? Hmmm. Maybe then it is the surge and settle of it as it mixes in the glass and then relaxes into two very distinct and separate liquids: the dark mysterious body sealed with a dense creamy head.

What about its elusive, difficult to achieve perfection that everyone tries to strive towards – the perfect pour? No, that’s not it. Surely it’s the taste then: the way your brain jumps up and down for joy at each sip and your palate cries out for more!

Hang on—it’s the interaction you have with other people, the sharing of good and bad experiences this drink has given you! Finally I realise what it is now; it is all of the above—the combination of the whole process that makes me come back time and time again for more. My resistance for it is futile…

So some join me for a glass of this elixir of life – Espresso or Guinness you decide what I am talking about?

Damian Marshall is the Technical Service Manager and an Innovation Expert for Bewley's Coffee in Dublin. Bewley's is the largest coffee roaster in Ireland and has been in business since 1840. Aside from his involvement with the Irish Barista Championship and his passion for coffee, Damian has been known to enjoy a cold Guiness or six...

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