City Coffee Crawl

Posted: Mar 14, 2013 12:38:27 PM

Last week we took the opportunity to go into Manhattan and explore the vibrant coffee scene of the city. On a rainy New York day we coffee-crawled around NYC’s Lower East Side and reminded ourselves of the delightful world of coffee we are a part of.076

There were six stops on our coffee tour, and each provided us with something different to marvel at: from that delicious shot of espresso the barista wanted to get just right to the filter coffee dripped to perfection; from the presentation of the coffee beans waiting to be sold to the presentation of the latte with a rosetta in the center of the cup; from standing room only to a bevy of seats in a coffee shop that doubles as a theater lobby, we experienced coffee.

It was awakening, like that kick of caffeine always is, and a great reminder of why we do what we do: we love that there are so many passionate people out there working tirelessly to make the best cup of coffee they can.

Because that’s what we do, too: we want to be a part of the process that takes you to the best cup of coffee.

Next time, we’re going to Brooklyn!

Our stops:

Bluebird Coffee Shop (72 East 1st St NY, NY 10003)
Caffe Vita (124 Ludlow St NY, NY 10002)
The Roasting Plant (81 Orchard St NY, NY 10002)
Everyman Espresso (116 East 13th St NY, NY 10003)
Porto Rico Importing Co. (40 1/2 St. Marks Pl, NY NY 10003)
Abraco (86 East 7th St NY, NY 10003)


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