Hurricane Sandy and Ways to Prepare to Make Coffee Without Electricity

Posted: Nov 8, 2012 7:20:08 AM

This has been a rough past week for those of us who live in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Our hearts and sympathies go out to all those who are still struggling to rebuild.

Living without grid power got me thinking about ways to make coffee without electricity. First, I realized the need to skip the practice of fresh ground because I don't have a hand crank grinder (but that could be an investment to consider). Second, I'm lucky to have a gas powered range so boiling water was no problem.

It was all pretty easy in my house because we use a V60/Melitta style pour over every day. If you've never made coffee this old fashioned way, give it a try. The taste profile is clean and the 3 to 4 minutes process of pouring the water over the grounds is somehow soothing. A V60 is a just a simple cone that holds a paper filter and controls the release of the water over the coffee. It might be worth having one around in times like these because sometimes the smallest luxuries can help ease the stress.

Here are some other options:
Moka pot
Melitta or V60 (filter required)
Chemex (filter required)
French Press

Warmest wishes for a fast recovery and rebuilding ahead.


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