International Coffee Day

Posted: Oct 3, 2014 7:04:51 AM


National Coffee Day 2014 Thanks to one of our favorite latte artists, Michael Breach for sharing this great work!

This week the world celebrated International Coffee Day on September 29th. In follow-up, we wanted to express how much we enjoy being a part of the coffee industry.

For other industries, cleaning supplies might just be cleaning supplies. But for Urnex, the products we manufacture allow us the chance to interact with interesting, dynamic, and engaged people working for innovating companies and preparing a really amazing beverage!

Urnex was founded in 1936 and today we focus all our efforts on a 
singular goal: help people make better tasting coffee. Every new powder, liquid, or tablet we produce is designed to help ensure nothing gets in the way of a great tasting cup of coffee.

Coffee—we’ll follow you wherever you want to go! (And we’ll also clean up any mess you make along the way, happily).

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