Cafiza and Wacky Ingredients - Things Our Global Ambassadors Know About

Posted: May 26, 2016 2:17:20 PM


Last week, we announced the kickoff of our second annual Urnex Barista Ambassador Program, a partnership that celebrates and actively supports national barista champions from around the globe. This year’s 12 ambassadors will be working closely with us to help share their knowledge of specialty coffee and how important machine maintenance is in order to create the best tasting coffee.

Getting to know these baristas has been a pleasure thus far. We’ve asked them all the same questions and received some similar responses as well as some unexpected ones. For example, Nisan has tried to use peanut butter in his signature beverage (see below).

The most interesting part of it all is that no matter where they live around the world or what methods and techniques they use, each of these baristas have the same obsessive pursuit of coffee perfection.

We tapped into four of our 2016 ambassadors on some of the similarities that each possess as professional baristas.

Leo and Lex both love Cafiza

Cafiza. A word that everyone in the specialty coffee industry is familiar with. In fact, it has even become a verb: “have you Cafiza’d today?”

Cafiza has been a staple in coffee machine cleaning and maintenance for a long time. Professional baristas are very familiar with this product for use on their commercial espresso machines. Our ambassadors Leo Moco Ribeiro (Brazil) and Lex Wenneker (Netherlands) both agree that this is their favorite.


Within our entire portfolio, Cafiza has long been considered an “old-reliable.” Available in powder and tablet form, it can be used in both traditional and automatic espresso machines. It can also be used to create cleaning solutions for soaking different coffee and espresso machine parts.


Our Urnex ambassadors are familiar with the Urnex Brand products in making sure they have clean equipment behind every cup. For more information on how to use these products household use please visit click here.

Aga and Nisan both use wacky ingredients

There are many different ways to describe the way your favorite cup of coffee can taste: rich and creamy, fruity and earthy, even delicate and bitter. Flavor and aftertaste are carefully considered by those involved in bringing you coffee at your favorite coffee shop or from your coffee machine at home.

This dedication is not lost on our ambassadors as they prepare for the World Barista Championship next month. Not only will they compete to make one espresso and one milk drink, but a specialty drink will be judged as well.

The specialty drink needs to take the judge on a sensorial experience. We sat down with our Polish (Aga Rojewska) and Turkish (Nisan Agca) ambassadors to learn more about their most unusual ingredient.


Aga has used an array of interesting foods, from smoked salmon to blue cheese. Nisan decided that his love for peanut butter could be the perfect combination to make a liquid peanut butter cookie- sounds delicious! The results however, were not what he expected. Tip: maybe peanut butter should not be part of your coffee supplies…


One of the best characteristics of coffee is that it is always forgiving. Whether you mix it with smoked salmon or peanut butter, successful or not, coffee will still love to be in your cup in the morning to brighten up your day.

We also want to give a special thank you to our partners European Coffee Trip, Perfect Daily Grind, Sprudge, and Barista Magazine for supporting our Ambassador Program.


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