New Employees Becoming Coffee Experts

Posted: Oct 3, 2012 12:44:24 PM

You might be surprised to learn that when you come to work at Urnex Brands, you're signing up to learn A LOT about coffee. While some might think we are 'cleaner guys' living on the periphery of the coffee industry, that is not how we think of our role.

Recently, we were joined by Charlie Paris as the newest member of our marketing team. Charlie graduated from college last spring and before he started at Urnex he had never had a cup of coffee - EVER. Starting this week, he will begin a coffee immersion education. Our goal is to make sure that all of our employees understand coffee and understand the challenges and opportunities faced by our customers and partners as they do their best to serve great beverages. In order to do this, we have established a training program to cover the range of possibilities. We believe that learning about coffee and its preparation is just one part of what we need to do in order to position ourselves to help you make better coffee.

Here's the list of Charlie's work ahead:

1. Make a perfect espresso on a Dalla Corte 2-group with a Mahlkonig K-30 grinder. This means working with David Schomer's Espresso Coffee and getting some personal training from our neighbor Mike Love at Coffee Labs Roasters.
2. Learn latte art and pour a rosetta.
3. Brew coffee on a commercial drip brewer, Chemex, v-60, French Press, Technivorm, and Clover and understand the difference each technique has in the cup.
4. Make that perfect espresso on a home espresso machine and home grinder (our lab has a Rancilio Silvia and a Rocky grinder).
5. Understand the taste profile of coffee by trying different origins and roast profiles and interacting with our roaster customers. He plans to buy a few pounds each week from some of the following: Coffee Labs, Handsome Coffee, Alterra Coffee, Intelligentsia, Stumptown, Maui Coffee Roasters, and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

Over the next few weeks, Charlie is going to be posting updates and sharing his learning on our Facebook page. Please let us know any techniques or concepts you think we should add to his education.

Throughout the process, Charlie will be expected to think like an Urnex customer, use all of our products, and look for ways we can help make the important process of cleaning easier and perhaps fun!


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