Earlier this year, Colorado-based roaster Kat Melheim struggled with one of the more difficult roasting challenges she had ever faced. While she was roasting a coffee, Kat could not find the “Golden Raisin.”
Goda Pangonyte, Barista Champion of Lithuania Do coffee drinkers prefer a black coffee or a milk beverage? Do they like small specialty cafés or large coffee chains? Do people drink coffee in the morning, afternoon or at night?
(Back row, left to right: Hillary Mugasitsi, Matt Winton, Jooyeon Jeon, Charlotte Malaval, Nicole Battefeld, Merijn Gijsbers, Nisan Agca, Alejandro Escobar; Front row, left to right: Wojtek Bialczak, Sam Spillman, Mathieu Theis, Ben Put)
Today, Urnex announced the introduction of seven products to its robust global portfolio of cleaning solutions. These products will be presented for the first time at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston from April 12-14.
Tasting coffee is a complicated exercise. There are so many factors that contribute to a coffee’s taste, and so many possible characteristics in the cup, that it takes hours, months, years of practice to develop a strong coffee palate.
The host city of this year’s U.S. Coffee Championships is a gastronomic gem of the American Midwest. Kansas City boasts some of the best barbecue in the States, with its distinct tomato-molasses sauces separating itself from other top BBQ towns. The...
If you have ever worried that the coffee world might someday run out of its supply of Cafiza, fear no more.

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