Urnex Ambassadors: Dedicated To Making The Best Tasting Coffee

Posted: Jun 3, 2016 10:16:08 AM


Last week we shared some fun facts about four of our 2016 Ambassadors, Leo Moco Ribeiro (Brazil) and Lex Wenneker (Netherlands), Aga Rojewska (Poland) and Nisan Agca (Turkey).  Each has a unique story to tell, but the common denominator among them is their love and commitment to preparing and delivering the best tasting coffee.

This week, we highlight four more ambassadors who have been grouped together based on things they have in common. For Julieta Vazquez (Mexico) and Yoshi Iwase (Japan), it’s the important role family plays in their lives; for Ben Put (Canada) and Mat Theis (Switzerland), it’s their unique experiences on coffee farms.

Julieta and Yoshi share their family experiences

Spending time with family is one of the things you’ll find Julieta doing when she’s not busy being a barista. In fact, family is responsible for her love of coffee. “When I was helping my mom to open her coffee shop I fell in love with coffee. Then I competed for the first time and learned a lot. Now I can't imagine my life without coffee.” Today, Julieta considers her own coffee shop (Arandela Barra de Café) a destination community designed to be a second home to local families and travelers.

Family also plays a major role in Yoshi’s career as a barista. He shared with us that his father is one of the most influential people in his life; playing a large role in his personal and professional growth. His father’s love and support has ultimately helped him become the National Barista Champion he is today.

Mat and Ben share their coffee farm experiences

The experiences of visiting coffee farms are some of the best coffee memories for a lot of our ambassadors, and we at Urnex agree! Last January, we experienced coffee first-hand from the farmers and producers during our trip to Origin visiting several amazing coffee farms in Costa Rica - it was a trip we will never forget (click here to read our blog “From Crop to Cup: Lessons from Origin”).


Mat says his visit to a Costa Rican farm was the trip of a lifetime. “The people are so nice and so passionate about coffee. The farms smell so good and the coffee flavors are so intense.” 

Similarly for Ben, his first time visiting a coffee farm brought his career in coffee full circle (no pun intended – check out our Full Circle cleaning products).

“Getting to taste fresh coffee fruit, cupping coffee on the farm, and getting to walk amongst the trees was a dream come true.”

For both Mat and Ben, they truly enjoyed seeing the full progression of coffee from crop to cup. Learning about its point of origin has inspired them to make the best tasting coffee possible for their own customers. 

In less than 30 days we will be in Dublin supporting our 12 Barista Ambassadors as they compete in the World Barista Championship at the SCAE/World Coffee Events. 

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, where we will feature a glimpse of four more intriguing Urnex ambassadors.


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