Urnex Celebrates 80 Years of Helping You Make Better Tasting Coffee

Posted: May 10, 2016 9:38:56 AM


Urnex turns 80

As the headline announces, Urnex turns 80 this year! While I haven’t been around 80 years, the Urnex business has been a part of my family from the beginning. 

For those that don’t know, Urnex was founded by my great-grandfather as the Royal Urn Bag Company back in 1936.  At that time, the company specialized in cloth coffee filters and patented urn rings: metal devices that suspended the bag and wet grounds over large urn brewers.  Our customers were family-owned coffee roasters from a range of origins who had settled in the New York City area.

Urnex Cloth Filter


When my grandfather joined the business, he raised his family on the 2nd floor apartment at 54 St. Mark’s Place, just above the production factory located in the basement.  This is the same St. Marks Place of New York City cultural revolution fame.

Urnex St. Mark's Building


As cloth filters were beginning to decline due to the invention of the paper filter, the company evolved and began manufacturing cleaning products for coffee urns. Through hard work and an ongoing connection to coffee excellence, the Urnex brand was born.  The company’s original tag line found on the Urn Cleaner packaging read: “No More Bitter Coffee.” Now 80 years into our history, we like to think of our mission as helping our partners make better tasting coffee and preventing bitterness by keeping brewing equipment clean.

Urnex mission:  better tasting coffee

We enter 2016 much differently from where things started in 1936. Today, we are distributed in over 70 countries around the world and recognized as the leading manufacturer of coffee equipment cleaning products.  Urnex Brand products are an essential part of the coffee preparation process and are one of the key components of great-tasting beverages. While we have expanded globally, we like to think of our partners around the world as friends with whom we continue our quest for coffee excellence.

Thanks to those businesses that have supported us for 80 years and those that are just getting to know us now. It is an honor to be a part of four generations of history, and even more special to call the coffee industry our home.


Joshua Dick
Chairman of the Board
Urnex Brands, LLC


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